Apr 16, 2012

Weekend in the South of Austria. Part 2

We spent Saturday night at the small hotel/vineyard Gießauf-Nell in Klöch. After a long day of travelling and visiting a number of small towns, we were starving. So we indulged a little at the restaurant that was part of the vineyard. I chose a cheese platter because I wanted to try local kinds of cheese. It was delicious and so much I actually shared with my mom. Obviously, we couldn't stay in a vineyard and not try their wine so that's what we did. I had a tasty glass of Scheurebe.


On Sunday morning, after a huge breakfast and chocolate bunnies, we headed out to slowly make our way back to Graz. Our first stop was a castle ruin close to our hotel. While we were checking out the ruin, it actually started snowing! So soon I wore pretty much every piece of clothing I had brought along which resulted in me wearing around five layers. The castle was cool though and it must be awesome to be there in the summer when there are concerts and parties going on.

The emblem of Klöch
And the surroundings...


And we're back on the road.

And one more stop before we're heading back to Graz: we saw on our map that there were Roman burial mounds close by in Tieschen so we decided to check them out and stretch our legs a little more.

It felt kind of surreal being there but it was definitely a beautiful place.

Last stop: Graz. My little brother's football game. Even though I am usually not big on watching football games, I do enjoy them when my brother is playing and I can scream and support and embarrass him.

My brother's the number 35 of the JCL Giants Graz. 

My brother's team won :)


  1. Yvonne thank you SO much for your fantastic comment on my blog - I loved reading it. I loved that you gave me some Europe tips as well and the good news is, we are just so happening to visit ALL the places you listed so that has made me even more excited :)we are actually going to Austria and staying in Vienna for 5 days anddd... Salzburg for 5 nights :) :) :) We are staying there for the 5 nights 2 of which will be bus'ing to Oktoberfest from there. We cant wait we hear its one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. Ill be sure to visit your blog very regularly to get posts such as this to learn of what we can see and do in your city :)

    Anna xo


  2. Wow, I'm so excited for you about that trip. I'm sure Oktoberfest will be amazing as well. The next couple of months I'll try to really cover Salzburg and hopefully I'll find some more hidden gems in the city as well...


  3. What beautiful surroundings! I love all of these photos, they made me feel as though I was there. MMm what a lovely cheese platter, wine, and atmosphere.


    :) Ewa


  4. Thanks, Ewa. It was a great weekend and I love this part of Austria - the landscape and the food and wine :)

  5. Beautiful pictures :)

    Ina :*