Jun 5, 2011

What happened in Texas

I guess after about 5.5 months it is about time to fill everybody in on what happened in Texas.

To keep it short and simple: My older brother got married. And I was the designated wedding photographer.

The ceremony.


My new and extended family

With my brother, his wife, and parents
The photographer.

Jun 1, 2011

Mardi Gras - need I say more

Again, it's been quite a while. Since my last post I've actually returned to Austria; however, I didn't just want to leave it at that. So here goes my report on Spring Break in New Orleans:

First of all, I absolutely love New Orleans. It's probably my favorite place in the whole of the US, if not even the whole world. It's still quite European which immediately gave me a feeling of home. Furthermore the music, the people, the architecture, the food, and so many more things enchanted me and made me fall in love with this unique city.

I went to New Orleans at the beginning of March with my friend Mark from Ireland. Luckily, our Spring Break overlapped with the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans. Mardi Gras in particular, and New Orleans in general, is not only a party, it's a lifestyle. The second we arrived we were immersed into local culture, went to teeny tiny local dive bars, danced with people on the street, ate at little hidden culinary spots, and drank a local, and one of my favorite, drinks: Abita Purple Haze.

Basically the whole week before Mardi Gras (Faschingsdienstag in Austria) was one big party filled with beads, parades, celebrities (Stifler's mom anybody?), partying on the street, costumes, and a lot of amazing music. Needless to say, on Ash Wednesday I was a wreck but nonetheless extremely happy that I got to meet a bunch of amazingly friendly local people and I saw a lot of Nola.

Mark and me on the right: our costumes were very successful

You want to visit the US? Go to New Orleans.