Jul 25, 2011


The nine months I spent in the US were filled with memorable moments and thanks to digital cameras, I'll be reminded of most of them for a long time to come. However, there are a few moments that stand out (slightly more) and will always make me smile :)

I'll never forget...

...dancing outside of Portland Mall with Travis while waiting for the bus.

...swimming in the river...at night.

...drinking wine in the hallway of Stodder. 

...singing and dancing with Yuna countless times.

...mac'n'cheese at 3 am with my beloved room mate.

...watching countless zombie movies. Mainly with Andy.

...the railway bridge in Orono. Mark, you know what I mean. 

...all the couchsurfers I had the pleasure of meeting and staying with this year (sorry if I forgot somebody): Dario, Andy, Travis, Fletcher, Allen, Mark, Madhav, Aaron, Michael, Ajay, and Jonathan.

...the one and only time I sang karaoke at the Asylum.

...a bloody nose after a snowball fight. Thanks Mark!

...Halloween in Salem.

...my brother's wedding.

...eating Ben & Jerry's while waiting for the bus with Yuna.

...going to the river at 7 am after staying up the whole night.

...riding a tandem with Mark and a 30 pack of beer in New Orleans. 


Graduation Banquet for International Students

Jul 5, 2011

Three last stops: Portland, Boston & NYC

It took me almost nine months in the US to finally make it to New York City. When a friend from home decided to visit me in May, I realized that this would be the perfect time to finally head there. But before that, I made one last stop in Portland to say goodbye.

I miss Portland a lot and sure had an amazing time there, e.g. my first few days in Maine and Halloween.

After a last night out in Portland with my friends and singing Bye, Bye, Bye in a karaoke bar, it was time to say goodbye to one of my favorite places in the US.

With Andrew

With Fletcher and Andy. Right before karaoke.

Next stop: Boston. Here, I picked up Waldi, my friend from home, and we stayed for two days discovering the city before finally heading to NYC.

Finally Spring

My friend from home

Enjoying deep-fried Mars bars

Last stop (well, next to last, because we went back to Boston to catch our flights back home): New York City. The first two nights we stayed in Manhattan and even though it was a completely new and also great experience, I enjoyed the time we spent in Queens better. Since it was our first time in NY we did a lot of touristy things and ate and shopped a lot which was partly due to the fact that it was raining almost the entire time we were there.


View from MoMA

Chrysler Building

Times Square

Central Park

View from the Empire State Building

The weather
Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien

Dinner and margaritas at T.G.I. Fridays

Delish Thai food in Chinatown

Strawberry cheesecake. Worth every bite.

Breakfast for champions: pancakes, bagel, omelette, and home fries.

Burgers. Duh.

In Central Park

MoMA. And a lot of ass.

Sipping Bloody Marys
Another great thing was that I could meet up with some friends while I was in New York.

After an amazing time in New York and one more day in Boston that we spent with some absolutely amazing people, it was time to say goodbye...