Mar 16, 2011

All these things that I've done

All right. I realize that there's a lot of catching up I have to do. As always, I prefer to see things positive so my lack of recent postings is a result of me having a good and busy time.

It is probably pretty useless trying to recount everything that happened in the last two months since my last blog post. However, I'll try to write about the most important events and trips over the next two weeks or so.

Here's what's about to come:

*Winter in Maine
*Second to trip to Canada, this time Québec City, in February.
*Spring Break aka New Orleans aka Mardi Gras.
*What happened in Texas.
*My second semester at UMaine.

Surprisingly, winter is "already" coming to an end here in Maine - thankfully. So no more of this...

 Don't get me wrong. There is still some snow left. But right now, temperatures are above zero during the day, the sun is shining, and the snow is melting.

Unfortunately I have a quiz in one of my classes tomorrow which is probably the reason why I finally update my blog, so this is it for now.

Yours truly.