Apr 12, 2012

Weekend in the South of Austria. Part 1

Last weekend, I went with my parents to Styria in the south of Austria . Two reasons: One, it's always nice to get away for a few days. Two, my younger brother had a football match (yes, American football) on Sunday in Graz and we really wanted to embarrass him by being his biggest fans there ;)

We left on Saturday morning and drove down south for about three hours, made a quick stop in Graz to say hi to my brother, and then continued our trip to the village of Löch.

On the way there are a lot of tunnels and I was bored so I played a little with my camera.

We didn't go straight to Löch but stopped a few times on a way to check out small towns and to stretch our legs. We made our first stop in Straden, a quaint town in the south east of Graz. There, we saw some of the first "Easter fires" that day. Those fires are a typical tradition of the region and usually take place on Holy Saturday. Up until this weekend, it had been very dry in Styria so in many places it was prohibited to have fires because of the risk of forest fires.

© Freiwillige Feuerwehr Hainsdorf-Brunnsee

It was great to see these fires in many places throughout the day, though. It rained most of that day so I guess most people considered it to be safe to light them.

Another fire in the distance
Before we stopped in Klöch, where we planned to stay, we headed further south to Bad Radkersburg. Bad Radkersburg is another beautiful, small town and it's right on the border to Slovenia. We walked around for a bit and were completely charmed.

Some seriously creative tea pots. Plus me in.

I'd seriously reconsider the name of this establishment.

Say hello to Slovenia!

Plague column
By the time we left Bad Radkersburg, it was early evening so we decided to head back to Klöch to check out our accommodation.


Our home for the night


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